Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM) Custom Essay

All students will administer the Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM) to an ELL. Analyze the results to include: linguistic skills and proficiency level; an evaluation of ELL’s listening and speaking skills; interpretations of learning disabilities or language impairments; and a detailed summary of strategies and activities to fit the needs of the ELL in all four language skills.

The criterias of the paper are
~Describes ELL’s learning style & cultural and linguistic diversity (e.g., identify ELL’s proficiency level (according to Terrell’s Stages of Proficiency)
~Demonstrates knowledge of how to use ESOL assessments accurately (A.P. 1.2-Uses academic assessment data to plan instruction). (e.g., provides a rationale for score)
~Assesses ELL’s oral and written skills (A.P. 1.3-Assesses students needs to plan and guide instruction). (e.g., clearly identifies BICS & CALP in evaluating ELL)
~Proposes strategies to enhance cultural & linguistic backgrounds (A.P. 5.2-Recognizes cultural/linguistic diversity of K-12 students & families). (e.g., selects a minimum of three culturally and linguistically sensitive resources (books, software, visuals, manipulatives, etc.)
~Analyzes ELL’s linguistic level with reference to theories of learning (A.P. 7.2-Applies theories of human development & learning). (e.g., describes a minimum of two strategies for speaking and listening)
~Identifies a safe environment conducive to learning (A.P. (9.1-Promotes & maintains a safe environment conducive to learning) (e.g., describe how ELL’s setting promotes core values of community & respect)
~Defines general attitudes regarding ESOL that may lead to misinterpretation by school personnel
~Assessment includes knowledge of exceptionality issues (i.e., list strategies to accommodate potential learning/language disabled ELL)
~At least 5 resources are listed to demonstrate commitment of service to teach all students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status & religion

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