8 1/2 by Federico Fellini; How do the various channels of information used in film and Does the film reflect on its “constructedness custom essay

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1. What is the function of this sequence within the larger narrative action: exposition, climax, foreshadowing, transition, etc.? What aspect of the story does it establish, revise, develop? How do the visuals express it?
2. How is the story told? (linear, with flashbacks, flash-forwards, episodically?)
3. Can the sequence be divided into individual segments (indicated, for instance, by shifts of location, jumps in time, inter-titles, etc.)?
4. How do the various channels of information used in film image, speech, sound, music, writing–interact to produce meaning?
6. Does the film acknowledge the spectator or do events transpire as if no one were present? Do characters look into the camera or pretend it is not there? Does the film reflect on the fact that the audience assumes the role of voyeurs to the screen exhibition?
7. Does the film reflect on its “constructedness” by breaking the illusion of a self-sufficient “story apparently told by nobody? ” Are there inter-titles, film-within-film sequences, obtrusive and selfconscious (“unrealistic”) camera movements calling attention to the fact that the film is a construct?
8. How does the narrative position the spectator Vis-A-Vis the onscreen events and characters?
9. Does the narrative (as encapsulated in the sequence) express (indirectly) current political views?

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