A plan for a Public Relations campaign including press releases and other written material. custom essay

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Assignment 1 A plan for a Public Relations campaign including press releases and other written material. Approximately 1500 words excluding appendices. ? This assessment task requires you to produce a detailed campaign plan using a standard planning format (either Gregory or SOSTAC) and must include at least one news release. You can also include event suggestions and any other additional material you see fit, plus appendices which are not part of your word count (neither is any material contained in a text box). Assessment 1 questions choose one of them: A You work for a food manufacturer who are about to launch a new range of ready meals endorsed by a chef who is well known through television programmes, books and radio. Prepare a PR plan for the launch. B You work for a large computer firm. Prepare a PR plan to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first computer, which is to be exhibited in Manchester University as part of a science and technology exhibition sponsored by the company in 2013. C An international charity, which has been in existence for over 50 years, has decided that it needs to update its identity. The goal is to replace the former ‘needy’ image with a more accurate presentation of the charity’s innovative work and support overseas for orphans and sick children. Prepare a PR plan which shows how you can use the change of identity and an updated brand as a platform to re-launch the charity. Please Note a writer here did not write as the lecturer wants as result she failed me in the first semster so please follow the instructions by lectures, I’ll send typical answer and lectures as guide.

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