A Window To The Future: Helping Teenagers Postpone Sexual Involvement Essay

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Hello, I need you to please follow the direction on the instruction. I am also sending you some material or 1 source that I have to use and also remember I can only have “ONE” sourece from the web. here is the instruction after the instruction I will put one source that I need. This source comes from the school that I atten because We have to have one source from them….



You must include at least three sources in this draft (in the text itself, not simply in the References page), one of which must be an academic source from Kaplan’s library. Your sources, of course, must include in-text citations in the body of the paper as well as full citations in the References page following the APA format.If these citations are neglected, your paper will be considered plagiarized.

Your draft must be at least 5-7 pages long (not including the title page and References page) and contain an introduction and conclusion. Make certain that your introduction includes your thesis statement. Your goal in this draft is to provide a specific, focused analysis of, and argument for, your main points supported by the sources you found during the research process.

In addition to at least 5 pages of text, you must also include a title page and then a References page. The title page and references page are in addition to, not included in, the 5-7 required pages.


Helping Teenagers Postpone Sexual Involvement. By: Howard, Marion, McCabe, Judith Blamey, Family Planning Perspectives, 00147354, Jan/Feb90, Vol.

helping students resist peer and social pressures to initiate sexual activity
Because of their lower rate of sexual activity, program students also experienced comparatively fewer pregnancies than no-program students.
Grady Memorial Hospital’s first sex education program in the schools was begun in the mid-1970s and consisted of five classroom periods covering basic human sexuality and decision-making information.( n1)
curriculum, which includes discussion of contraceptive methods.
family planning program for students aged 16 and younger. Young people were encouraged to seek contraceptive counseling and services 3through this program and other community family planning agencies if they needed them.
Early evaluation of the program indicated that simply providing young teenagers with such information was not effective in changing sexual behavior.
Hospital staff reached several conclusions about how it should be revised. First, the staff considered research done on programs intended to reduce the incidence of other negative health behaviors.(e.g., smoking, alcohol use and drug use) among young people. Many of these health education programs are knowledge-based:
NB: Assumption is done hat adolescents have sex, smoke, drink or use drugs because they lack knowledge about specific aspects of such behaviors and their harmful effects.(But this is not particularly effective in reducing negative health behaviors among young people).
Knowledge gains did not lead to behavioral changes. Students exposed to such programs were not more likely to postpone sexual involvement nor were they more likely to use contraceptives when they became sexually active.
Until about the age of 16, adolescents are still using concrete thinking skills. As a result, young teenagers have limited ability to recognize the potential impact of their choices; they are less likely than older teenagers to think about the future and to consider the consequences of their actions.
Educational programs must be age-specific, promoting attitudes and skills that young adolescents can use until they gain more mature skills in managing their sexuality.

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