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Recently developed computer-based communication technologies, such as instant messaging (IM), wikis and blogs, are beginning to influence the way individuals communicate ideas and information in a number of diverse fields, including science, IT, design, business and the media.

Select two computer-based communication technologies and examine the impact they are having on communication within one of the fields listed below. How have these new technologies enhanced or impeded effective communication within this field? Find at least one real-life example to support your answer.

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Write a 1100 word academic report on one of the topics which will be atteched. the report should demonstrate your understanding of the topic and ability to structure academic writing according to the conventions taught in this subject. When you have finished writing the report, please attech the outline as well.
I”ll attech the sample for the report and please follow the same steps and also i”ll attech four texts and choice three of them and you choice the fourth text from anywhere but must write the refrence for all texts. The assignment must be free of plagiarism becouse it will be submitted on turnitin.

please can you look carefully for evaluation and peer in each body. THANK YOU

I hope every thing is clear, and if there any quastion please ask,

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