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1. (40%) An advertisement designed for one of the products mentioned in one of the two Annual Report (Apple) included in the course reading packs. The advertisement must be adapted to three different environments: print, online and outdoor. Each version should be reproduced on a page of A4; it should be accompanied by a short report (c. 200 words) explaining and justifying its nature and appearance, specifying a possible outlet (eg the magazine title, website name or billboard type or location) and identifying the likely or target audience (including age-range and socio-economic grouping/s). (And example for each one print, online and outdoor) this not include 600 wds
Format: 3xA4 pp (illustrations + colour welcome); c. 600 wds in total

2. (40%) The script, notes and powerpoint slides for a short presentation pitching your advertisement/campaign to the Head of Marketing of your chosen product’s parent company. ( short presentation for 15 minutes)
Format: doublespaced script + slides of appropriate length/number, including guidance notes as/where necessary

3. (20%) A reflective document written in continuous prose (c. 800 words) reviewing and evaluating the work undertaken in this final mini-portfolio.
Format: Two-part account (c. 400 words each) reviewing the decisions and processes involved in producing parts 1 & 2 of this portfolio.

(NB For instructions about how to submit this element of the assessment package please see Final Submission for Business Communications below)

Assessment Criteria for these 3 Items
The following questions are those that your lecturers will ask when they mark the work detailed in the guidance above. As you can see from the criteria, questions 1, 2 and 3 focus on the three separate elements of this last mini-portfolio.

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