American History Decade Essay custom essay

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1. This is an essay about a particular decade in American History the I believe caused the most changes to our culture. The decade that I have chosen is the 1850s (from 1850 – 1859 or 60). WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WRITE ON A TOPIC LIKE THE HARLEM RENAISSIANCE, THE WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT, PROHIBITION, ETC. because they span more than one decade.

2. We have to evaluate the SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL changes during that period. My paper must include a section for each of these. I have to clearly identify each category and discuss my findings.

3. These are some questions that I must address:

a. What changes/events took place, or occurred, during that period? (To cause social/economic/political change.)
b. Did the government do something productive or controversial?
c. What specific events led to the changes?
d. How did these forces impact Americans during that period as individuals and as a nation?
e. What are some lasting effects of events during your period?

Additional information to include is left up to our discretion.

4. My paper must be a minimum of 2 full pages, double-spaced, and in accordance with standard writing conventions. (Use Times New Roman size 12 or something similar.) APA formatting is preferred. Grammar and spelling must be accurate. Ideas must be expressed clearly and concisely which should reflect collegiate level of learning.

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