An 88 year old lady, Mrs Joan, lives in an apartment by herself. custom essay

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An 88 year old lady, Mrs Joan, lives in an apartment by herself. She is relatively healthy except for some shortness of breath and her vision has deteriorated. She suffers from anxiety attacks and is scared to be alone at night. She is widow and has 2 sons. One son lives in another province and she is estranged from the other who lives here in Halifax. The doctor does not want to increase her medications because the risk of falling could increase. Mrs. Joan has the daughter (Mary) of a deceased fried coming in to assist her 2 days a week for a nominal fee. Mary is thinking of moving to Florida. Mrs. Joan receives ?meals of wheels?. Mrs. Joan has a comfortable pension.

What care plan options should be investigated for Mrs. Joan? What steps should be followed?

To answer this case you need to read the attached files and write step by step how to refer her into the system and what are the options available to suit her case from the attached reading. So do not make research for references instead use the attached materials as references.

Please use the attached file named:
1- Using RAI data for LTC Decision Making in NS-2009

2- New Directions for Facility-Based Long Term Care 2009. The information needed start from page 31-70

3- Continuing Care Strategy 06 : Continuing Care Strategy for Nova Scotia Shaping the future of Continuing Care
4- A companion toolkit for seniors. Establishing collaborative initiatives between mental health and primary care services for seniors. A companion to the CCMHI planning and implementation toolkit for health care providers and planners
5- Missing Pieces of the Shift to Home and Community Care 2006
6- Shaping the Future of continuing care in NS-2008

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