an outline of a speech custom essay

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I would like you to do an outline of a speech that I have to present which is 4-6 min long. The outline will be same as the last time (microexpressions) but about a different topic.

You can choose any topic you like (not only about sociology) as long it is fun, interesting and awesome.

5 of my classmates did their topics on:
-how to open a business
-a mental illness

So as i said any topic as long it is interesting should be fine.

as last time there should be 5 oral citation i need to mention. But this time can you make it a bit more formal. because last time was according to Scheve, he said bla bla bla and the instructor didnt like it much.

But can you please do it like this, according to derp from the dept of such and such who did a study on so so. Or according to a recent poll, bla bla

As soon as you think of a topic can you please send it to me so I can decide whether to go with it or not, or if there are any additions needed to be made.

citations should be a combination of: journal articles, books, newspapers, and a maximum of 2 from the interenet

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