Analyses of a 3D Artwork custom essay

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At the top left hand side: Artist’s name Name of work Date of work year of completion Media/materials used? Dimensions (height x width x depth). You must also include at least 2 printed or photocopied images of the work. The 2 images should show different views (or sides) of the artwork. These images should be, no smaller than 4x 4or ?page each.
Address the following topics/questions.
1) Which of the following best describes the work you are looking at?
? Representational/figurative artwork. This can also include abstract artwork in which the subject matter is still discernible
? Non?representational or non?objective artwork, or highly abstracted from subject.
? Installation work art where the artist sculpted a space (or made an
environment) rather than sculpting an object.
2) List the formal elements of 3d art, and then rank them in terms of prominence or importance in the work you selected. This should look something like this
1st Time
2nd Plane
3rd Volume (open form)
3th Light NOTE: you may have some elements that seem
equally important or unimportant in the work
4th Texture
5th Space (site specific?)
6th Color (or Value)
7th Mass (closed form)
8th Line
3) Describe how the artist arranged (composed, or organized) the formal elements. Your description must explain (through description) how the principles of organization (please review your notes for these) that are most prominent and crucial to the work being unified are evident in the work. Your response should be thorough and supported with specific descriptive language based on what you can see in the work. This response should be about 1 page in length.
4) How is the content of the work communicated via the form? This may be your own interpretation of the work, rather than some sort of official interpretation.
In your answer be sure to make the connection between how what you see (materials, elements, and organization) influences how you interpret the work. Make sure your answer goes beyond the obvious where representational subject matter is concerned. Remember that for our purposes the subject of the work and the content are not the same thing. One is what the work represents (image
that looks like) and the other is why the artist is using that imagery or what the artist is trying to express or communicate through his or her visual language (imagery). This response should be about 1 page in length.

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