Analysis of a Language Activity (2000 words)-Second language learning. custom essay

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Analyse a language learning activity with regard to how it addresses: (a)Diverse language proficiency. (B)Various learner factors. (C)Cultural factors. .choose an language learning in a resource centre, on the web, or from your own sources. .Analyse the activity in terms of (A),(B)and (C)above. .Describe the activity in details,including its aims and its planned outcomes. .Present your analysis of how the activity caters for a range of language proficiencies,and addresses various cultural and learner factors. .Provide examples of how the learner might be affected (both positive and negative)through engagement in the activity. .Which of Lightbown and Spada’s six proposals(chapter 6) is behind the activity you chose?( I will provide the reference of this text book below). .Please this essay most have clear titled Introduction and clear titled conclusion. .Comments on aspects of language proficiency and cultural and learner factors are significant to the conduct of the activity,drawing on ideas in the TESOL literature. .Demonstrate insight/reflection on classroom dynamics and learner difference. References for this essay: 1-Lightbown, P., & Spada,N (2006). How language are learnt. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2-Moran, P R (2001). ‘Language- and-Culture'”. in Teaching Culture: perspectives in Practice. Ontario, Canad”: Heinle and Heinle, Pages 34-47. 3-Crozet, Chantal (2003).Chapter 3 ‘A conceptual framework to help teachers identify where culture is located in language use.’in Bianco, JL and Crozet,C(eds)Teaching Invisible Culture: Classroom Practice and Theory. Melbourne: Language Australia, pages 39-50. 4-Bianco, Jo Lo (2004).’Cultural Learning in Multicultural Australia.’In Resources for Cultural Language Learning. Melbourne: CAE Press, pages 3-16. 5-Brick< J (2004). 'Learning and Teaching'. In China: NCELTR, pages 149-164. Place an order of a custom essay for this assignment with us now. You are guaranteed; a custom premium paper being delivered within its deadline, personalized customer support and communication with your writer through out the order preparation period.

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