Analysis of the collapse of Storm Financial, based on publicly available information. custom essay

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For Forensic Accounting

It is a report style

1. Prepare an analysis of the collapse of Storm Financial, based on publicly available information.

2. Using the ASIC website, relevant legislation and standards, journals, magazines and newspapers, identify the causes of the collapse.

3. In particular, you should identify:
a. The main parties involved in the collapse
b. The issues that led to the collapse and the breaches of legislation, standards, policies associated with it
c. The actions that are/ have been taken by the injured parties
d. The remedies available to the various parties
e. Your evaluation of the likelihood or otherwise of success of remedies

4. Your report should be a minimum of 2500 words, presented to a high professional standard. Use single sided, 1 ? line spacing in 11 point Arial font. Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to organise your report. Diagrams, graphs and tables should be used to illustrate your research.

5. Marks will be allocated for correct presentation of required elements including:

a. Cover sheet, including name, student number, subject and date due
b. Index, footnotes and pagination
c. Introduction
d. Executive Summary
e. Recommendation
f. Harvard style references and bibliography
These items should NOT be included in your work limit.

6. References are required for all but your own words. Quotations of over 10% of assignment will result in a zero result ? refer to plagiarism policy.

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