Analysis of the development of social networks using the example of Facebook with regard for the dot-com bubble custom essay

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Introduction: a summary of the dot-com bubble with a reference to one company which turned out to be among the biggest bubbles. ( I suggest Yahoo but you may choose yourself). Main part: Part one:1) The new rise of the internet industry. ( I suppose that the rise of Google and the details of its IPO may be discussed here). 2) The appearance of the first social networks like MySpace and Friendster ( some details like the number of people who used them at that time or some economic data about their price should be given). Part two: 1) A short summary of the appearance of Facebook and Twitter and their early development. 2) Considering Facebook as the biggest player on the market, its economic development should be described here (this is a very important part: I think that any details about the biggest financial transactions and investments related with this company may be mentioned here. It is also very important that some information about its price like the approximate or direct (if it is possible to find them)prices of its shares are included. Part 3: 1) The situation today when social networks and Facebook in particular are thought to be overpriced(some evidence should be given). 4) Compare Facebook with the company described in the introduction as an example of the difference between the today’s situation and the dot-com bubble (some statistical data like the difference between the prices of shares is probably needed) From my point of view, a summary identifying whether a new internet bubble is like to happen or not would be the best conclusion. You can e-mail me if you have any problems and I will answer as soon as possible!

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