Analysis of the Eurostudent Survey Data: The Factors Influencing Irish Undergraduate Students Custom Essay

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This is a one page research proposal. The writer need to enhance the project (attached file) into a master economics proposal. has to include 3 parts:

1) Outline the topic (Why the topic is interested (I guess that very litter research in the arear so far ? What is the motivation to do the project (Hope to improve the postgraduate participatation rate; Better understanding the factors which are important to the irish undergraduates considering to do a master; , Comparison studies at different countries on postgraduate studies participation rate.; How significant of the role of higher education in the future irish knowledge economy? etc ;

2) Literatures review on the topic.

3) Research method (Already supply to the writer on the attached file, or writer can suggest a better econometric model; Explain why each variables has to be included in the model in relation with the Data attached on the file)

This is only a 1 page mini proposal, which has to be very clear on the outline of the topic and summaries the work you have done on readings and Data collection (Already supply on the attached file) etc.

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