Analysis of the Novel The Street by Ann Petry Sociology Questions Custom Essay

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Novel The Street by Ann Petry .

One of the main psychological tasks of adolescence and young adulthood is the process of identity formation. Discuss the process of the main character’s identity development in the context of their environmental, family, and peer influences, as well as their exploration and awareness of gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or culture, using examples from the book / Novel The Street by Ann Petry.

Discuss and describe the main character’s challenges and successes throughout the course of the novel. Examine them through the lens/framework of two (2) alternative theories including, but not limited to Conflict Theory, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, and/or LGBTQI Theory.

In order to address this question, you may want to incorporate socio-cultural issues such as country of origin (and it’s relationship to the United States), immigration experiences, access to power/resources, experiences of discrimination, etc.

Identify and assess the character’s risk factors and protective factors as evidenced in the novel. This section should include:
• an assessment of any risk-taking behaviors that may arise in adolescence and/or early adulthood, including but not limited to alcohol or drug abuse, violence, suicidal thoughts, sexual risk-taking, depression or other mental health concerns.
• discussion of cultural and environmental factors, identifying the degree to which these also serve as risk or protective factors.
• a summary of your understanding of the character’s resilience as evidenced in the novel through the lens of Empowerment Theory.

Start the paper with a succinct, but adequate, case description. Your case write-up should describe the main character and contain the following subheadings:
• Identifying information. This section may include a general description and relevant information of the main character in the Novel The Street by Ann Petry .
• Current Situation. This section may include the main character’s current environment, their community, family life, work, etc.
• Family of Origin. This section may include family history, relationships (either past or present) with family members, family dynamics, family life cycle, etc.
• Biological Development and History. This section may include medical history, past or current illnesses, developmental milestones, etc.
• Social Development and History. This section may include education, significant relationships, interests, social networks, and significant life events, etc.
• Strengths. This section should include an overview of the main character’s strengths.

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