Analytical Essay:In the United States and most other countries, the illegal use of so-called recreational drugs is treated as a crime.Nevertheless, Portugal and other countries have decriminalized illegal drug use. custom essay

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Outdated Drug War Needs Revision” I thought like your work was very impressive. so I re-oreder my important analytic essay in
Analytical essay must breack a topic into parts and answers the question,”how?” or”why?” It also assumes a friendly audience so only one view point needs to be explained.

Paper One concerns the conflict that currently exists between two trends: the criminalization of drug use and the decriminalization of drug use. In both perspectives, the terms ?addiction? and ?drug addict? are understood differently.

FOCUS: In your paper, you are going to analyze the criminalization of drug use as a method to preserve social order in the American society.

I will attach several articless that discuss the decriminalization of drug use in the United States. In these articles that idea has triggered a very controversial debate for a variety of reasons. For example, it touches upon sensitive political ideologies (Conservative versus Liberal), economic policies (allocation of resources, mostly coming from tax payers), and cultural issues (is it possible to imagine a change in the opinion that Americans have about drug use?).

Crucial Questions: What is your overall point of view regarding the criminalization of drugs? As a social phenomenon, how do you see the equation ?drug use = crime?? In your essay, you have to provide a number of analytical points that will explain your point of view regarding this focus.

Important points to keep in mind:
** The readings largely focus on discussing decriminalization of drug use. The contrasting idea
(criminalization) is also discussed, but mostly because decriminalization is being referred to in
the first place. Since the focus of the paper is criminalization, be careful in how you understand
these arguments and how you use them in the paper.

** This paper cannot be just a report of sources; it must have a strong analytical thesis.

** This paper must have an analytical rhetoric, NOT a classical argumentative rhetoric. In order to
achieve an analytical rhetoric, you must refrain from using modal verbs such as ?should?,
?must? ?have/has to? and ?need/s to?, both in your thesis statement and in body paragraphs.
You may use these argumentative expressions only in the conclusion of your paper (in the last
paragraph) when you give solutions, recommendations or predictions.

?Use at least six (6) of the sources in the article i give you (you are required to use Specter?s ?Getting a Fix? as one required source).
?You cannot use sources other than those included in the course packet.

please elaborate a clear point of view about criminalization of drug use. Remember that an analysis must contain a concrete stance about the topic to be analyzed!

this is two formats of body paragraph
1.Conventional paragraph structure Model
-Topic sentence
-Introduction to evidence(general statement)
-Pieces of Evidence(Use of sources as example, facts details)
-In depth Reflection(Interpretation, significance or possible implicationso the evidence. Critical thiking)
-Concluding Statement

2.Advanced paragraph structure model
-Topic sentence
-Intoridution to evidence(General statement)
-Pieces of Evidence
-In Depth Reflection
-Pieces of Evidence
-In Depth Reflection
-Concluding statement

Write at least Three body paragraph ecourage you to use the advance paragraph structure model at least one in this paper.

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