Angels Masquerading as Devils; Nazi’s who helped Jews survive the Holoaust during WWII. custom essay

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Attachment is the format of the paper. Teacher wants each section to have a heading in the paper. Title page MLA format Intro is to be 3/4 page Hypothesis should be an “I statement” Definitions 2-3 Importance of Study a paragraph Methodology a paragraph Analysis 4 pages this is the bulk/research part of the paper w/quotes Topic Summary is a paragraph or two where u restate hypothesis Footnotes as needed Work Cited separate page There are some books that I would like you to use for research if you can find them… “Rescued from the Reich; How one of Hitler’s soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe” by Bryan Mark Rigg “Oskar Schindler; The Untold Account of his Life, Wartime Activities and the True Story Behind The List” by David M. Crowe “The Search for Major Plagge” by Michael Good “The Righteous; The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust” by Martin Gilbert “War and Genocide; a concise history of the Holocaust” by Doris L. Bergen

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