Anorexia nervosa; Identify the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic category for the disorder and distinguish between diagnostic and commonly used terminology custom essay

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Description of the selected disorder (Identify the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic category for the disorder and distinguish between diagnostic and commonly used terminology.)
Causative factors of the disorder
Diagnosis of the disorder
Treatment of the disorder
Survey of current research on the disorder

Describe the extent and nature of the disorder, such as number of people diagnosed and under treatment, demographics, and other factors of interest.
Explain how the selected disorder is diagnosed.
Explain how the selected disorder is treated. Be sure to include all the views on appropriate treatment and comment on diversity of views or dissent.
Differentiate the diagnosis of this disorder from those of the other disorders within the same diagnostic category.
Comment on culturally bound syndromes, cultural biases, or the interplay between assessment and diagnosis and culture.

Write a 4?5-page paper in Word format. Make sure to review the rubric so as to address all necessary criteria. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Here are the interview questions for the assignment:
1. How many years have you worked in the mental health field? How many cases of Anorexia have you seen?

2. How would you define Anorexia? How is it different from Bulimia?

3. Media portrays Anorexia as being more prevalent in females. Is that true? Does race or age play a factor?

4. How do YOU assess and diagnose this mental illness?

5. Is there any way a person can recognize the symptoms early on? What would you tell people to watch for?

6. Is there typically a stress factor or event in the patient’s life that led to the onset of Anorexia?

7. What treatments are available for Anorexia? Are any more successful than others in your experience?

8. How important is a support system in the treatment of an Anorexia patient? What can family and friends do to be the most helpful without being overbearing?

9. Can you describe the thinking process of somebody suffering from Anorexia? Is this due to an imbalance in the brain of some sort? If so, what type of imbalance?

10. Do you see this as a growing disorder in the day we live in, with media playing such large role in our view of how we look and feel about ourselves?

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