Anthropology Essay Human Zoo custom essay

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To describe, contextualize, and critically analyze the modern existence of the ‘human safari’ and ‘human
zoo’ through the anthropological lenses of our course readings. To produce a scholarly essay you must
consult and utilize the following readings in your paper, quoting from each of them directly: Metcalf,
Peter 2005; Stocking, George. 1968; Corbey, R. 1993; Bradford, Philips V. and Harvey Blume. 1992;
Strong, Pauline T. 2004; Magubane, Zine 2001; Segal, Daniel A. 2005). This process will involve (but is
not limited to) indentifying the core anthropological concepts that we have discussed in each reading,
defining them, and using them in order to analyze and understanding this complex and disturbing topic. In
addition to the course readings you must also quote and cite the following three news stories directly.
What are the central issues? How are these examples like modern ethnographic showcases? Why do we
still have such displays? What does it say about those putting them on display and those watching?

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