Apiculture – Breeding bees for disease resistance custom essay

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A short research article assignment is required during the semester. This article is to be based on recent publications in the field of apiculture and will require you to consult other textbooks, reference books and especially journal articles published in the scientific and beekeeping literature.
TOPIC: Breeding bees for disease resistance.

For journals and magazines specific to apiculture, the following are most important:

Journal of Apicultural Research
Bee World
American Bee Journal
Bee Culture
Insectes Sociaux

To find other relevant articles use a search engine that indexes Journal articles, such as Web of Knowledge or Scholars Portal, available through the library website. For any resource, internet or otherwise, consider the source and selective. Information from companies or interest groups may be biased. Information in the popular press is rarely accurate, even in the scientific literature.

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