Application of Transcultural Nursing Theory Custom Essay

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This is the third component of your course project. This assignment incorporates the knowledge, theory, research, population assessment, and reflection skills you have acquired to assess and apply Madeline Leininger’s transcultural nursing theory to your chosen group. You will draw on your knowledge, experience, readings, and other material from this course and from MSN6002 to assess, evaluate, and apply this theory as the framework for your course project. The assignment is divided into three parts: * Part 1 is an overview of transcultural nursing theory, including the key points and characteristics of this theory. * Part 2 is review of the literature regarding transcultural nursing theory in practice. * Part 3 is an application of transcultural nursing theory to your chosen group and course project. Part 1: Overview of Transcultural Nursing Theory * Discuss Leininger’s transcultural nursing theory. Frame your discussion around the idea that this theory will be the framework for your health care program plan for your chosen population. * Define the key concepts, assumptions, and considerations inherent in the theory. Part 2: Literature Review – Transcultural Nursing Theory in Practice * Review the use of Leininger’s transcultural nursing theory practice with diverse populations. * Provide an assessment of this theory in practice that includes at least three examples from the literature. * Identify and evaluate how others have used this theory in practice and whether you feel this was the best theory for the practice situation. * If this theory has been previously applied to your chosen population group, review and evaluate its effectiveness. State any key points you might consider using in your course project. Part 3: Application of Transcultural Nursing Theory to your Chosen Population * Discuss how you would apply Leininger’s transcultural nursing theory to your chosen group and course project. * Describe how application of this theory in practice with this group will contribute to the design of a culturally competent health care program targeting a specific health care need (identified in u06a1). * Include any concerns or questions you may have regarding the use of this theory in this practice setting. * Conclusion: conclude your paper with a summary of the key points in your paper. * References: include at least seven references, at least five of which come from peer-reviewed sources. * Appendix. When writing your paper of at least 2,000 words in MS Word, remember the following: * Use correct APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references. * Include a cover page, page numbers, a running header, headings, and a references list.

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