Application: Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Custom Essay

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Part 1: Quantitative Data Analysis In this assignment you will plan and set up a spreadsheet in Excel, SPSS, or another database software program in order to yield some descriptive statistical values. ?To begin, click on the following link to bring up the sample quantitative data table: (see the attached sample) ?Review the table. Consider which of your own quantitative research questions could be usefully explored through the same descriptive statistics of median, mode, mean, and standard deviation. ?Using the sample table as a model, determine four categories of data that are meaningful to your research question. ?Set up your spreadsheet with your four categories as column headings, and create a table to generate the median, mode, mean, and standard deviations for each category. ?Now enter some fictitious (yet plausible) data to populate the table. Check to see that the values generated seem correct. ?If it is not in Excel, copy and paste this table into a Word document. Include your research question in this document. ?Save this document and submit it later with the document from Part 2 of this assignment. Follow the instructions listed at the end of this assignment. Part 2: Qualitative Data Analysis For qualitative studies, data are often generated through participant interviews. As a critical step in this process, researchers comb through interview transcripts to detect significant words, phrases, or other behaviors of the participant. They then identify common themes. For Part 2 of your Application, you are asked to engage in this kind of data analysis of text on a small scale. As your data source, you will use text already produced by your colleagues in a Discussion forum. Complete the following: ? Click on the link below to see a sample interview transcription that has been analyzed. Significant words and phrases have been highlighted and, at the end, several themes have been identified. [see attached sample] ? Now go to the Week 1 Discussion Forum. Copy three or more substantial postings from that week and paste them into a Word document. These postings are your data source. see attached data sources] ? Analyze these data as follows: o Read through the material carefully, looking for significant units of meaning and highlighting them. Use the yellow-highlighting feature from Word?s menu bar or the underline command. o Review these significant units and identify any themes you see emerging. o At the bottom of this document list these significant units and the themes they correspond to. ? Follow the instructions below for saving and submitting this document, together with the document from Part 1 of this Assignment. Reading Resources Course Text: The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence Chapter 17?”Collecting and Managing Data” This chapter outlines the step by step process of data collection where researchers must decide how and in what sequence data will be collected and the timing of the process. Chapter 18?”Introduction to Statistical Analysis” Chapter 18 provides an overview of the basic concepts of statistical theory. It focuses on the rationale of statistical analysis, the necessary steps of data analysis, and resources. Chapter 19?”Using Statistics to Describe Variables” This chapter highlights the importance of data analysis as on of the critical needs in nursing research in order to examine patterns across time. Chapter 24?”Interpreting Research Outcomes” This chapter discusses the process of carefully examining, organizing and giving meaning to data analysis. Websites Walden Library Username: Password: amanee90 ? Article: DeVon, H. A., Block, M. E., Moyle-Wright, P., et al. (2007). A psychometric toolbox for testing validity and reliability. Image-The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 39(2), 155?164. Retrieved from ? Article: Scales, D. C., & Rubenfeld, G. D. (2005). Estimating sample size in critical care clinical trials. Journal of Critical Care, 20(1), 6?11. Retrieved from:

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