Are You Sure It’s Fat Free?” custom essay

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Following completion of your weekly readings, read “Are You Sure It’s Fat Free?” (this is found at the end of Chapter 5 in your textbook, Mathematics in Our World). Gather three of your favorite packaged foods, perhaps one from each: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use the model explained in the “Are You Sure It’s Fat Free?” example and analyze, through the mathematical formula explained, the fat content and protein content from your foods. The written paper should be one page in length and concise in your reasoning. Plan your paper by organizing the data, formulas and then computations. You may attach the calculations as a scanned in hand written document, but make sure it is readable. Your paper should include a title, an introduction, body and conclusion. The reason that a 97% fat free food is too good to be true is that the food industry bases its figures on the weight of the product and not the calories the product contains. For example, suppose a 10-ounce serving of a food contains 240 calories, and the label states that it contains 9 grams of fat. The food industry then converts 10 ounces to grams by multiplying each ounce by 29 grams; hence, the total weight of the product is 290 grams, and if there are 9 grams of fat, the percentage of fat is 9 290 × 100% = 3.1% The procedure used by the food industry is misleading. The correct way to calculate the fat content is to multiply the number of grams of fat by 9 to get the calories. (Each gram of fat is converted to 9 calories.) In this case, 9 × 9 = 81 calories. Next, divide the fat calories by the total calories and multiply by 100% to get the percentage of calories derived from fat. In this case, the label stated that a 10-ounce serving contained a total of 240 calories. 81 240 × 100% = 33.75% Hence, 33.75% of the calories come from fat, not 3% as suggested

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