Argument Essay

Argument Essay Topics

There are very many argument essay topics assigned to students by their tutors; however whichever topic they are assigned they are given the chance to prove that they understand it. Different argument essay topics come with their complexity and some may be difficult than others; students can therefore rely on professional writes to help them tackle the essays. The professionals are experts in different areas and thus understand every bit in the topics.

In every argument essay topic given they will be able to critically analyze it giving a very clear claim and counter claim statement and a thesis that describes what is in the essay. The body will be handled very professionally since all the points to support the topic will be effectively discussed. In addition the opposing points will also be discussed to ensure both sides of the topic are understood and the reader can clearly judge on the advantages and disadvantages given.

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In the conclusion, the writer must be able to give the claim and counter claim statement again in order to finally provide a stand. In every argument essay topic the writer must be able to provide the write with the actual details and examples to support the argument. He must be able to apply reason and summary so that the essay can be described as substantial.

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Examples of Argument Essay

There are very many types of essay that can be assigned to students by tutors; however, argumentative essays stand out as the most captivating. In the database, you will find numerous examples of argument essays that have been written by our professionals. The writers are able to write very outstanding argument essays since they have great experience in every topic given. For students who would like to have examples of argument essay they can get them freely at our database. In addition, they can order very high quality argument essays that are customized according to the customers’ details.

The students can also choose from the various formats given in the examples of argument essays and identify the best that their tutor approves. The examples of formats to choose from include the claim counter claim; the cluster; and the alternating formats. The student will clearly see each format in the examples of argument essay provided which means that the student gets a taste of the essay.

The statement that states the claim will be included in the introduction as the thesis statement. The argumentative essay will have supporting points and refuting points that oppose the ideas. The body will give the pros and cons of the topic given and include examples to ascertain the claims. The conclusion will comprise of a summary of the main ideas of the topic and also the stand of the authors on the topic. The language of the argument essay is written in a commanding style to ensure the points are understood.

These arguments for and against is what makes argumentative essays very enjoyable; since they will bring out all there is to that topic. For example, given the topic on whether to abort or not then the essay will concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of abortion. Ordering argument essays at will ensure you will not only get a customized but one that will be graded highly.

Argumentative Essay Example

Writing an argumentative essay involves showing the reader that there is a basis for argument that he or she can agree or disagree with. For any essay to be argumentative it must have evidence to substantiate the ideas or position, and to disprove the opposing position. It needs also to have examples to back up the arguments given. Argumentative essays have different formats which can be used, the examples include, first the claim/counter claim; secondly, the cluster form, and the third example is the alternating format.

To write an argumentative essay example using the claim counter claim you will write an introduction that has the statement of claim and counter claim; then the body will be divided into two parts. The first part will include all information and points refuting the arguments; while the second part will include information that support the argument. The conclusion will include restatement of the claim and a summary of the essay’s main ideas.

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The second argumentative essay example is the cluster format which includes four parts; these are the introduction, two body parts and a conclusion. The introduction will have the claim statement; the first body part will present the argument and give points to support it; the second body part will give arguments and points against the topic; and the conclusion will have a summary of the ideas and the stand on the claim made.

The other argumentative essay example is the alternating format which as opposed to the two other this has three parts. The introduction will state the claim and the counter claims; the body will contain all the points and arguments to support the ideas. The points must be given in alternating form where you write a point to support then you refute it.

Argumentative Essays

It will be admitted from the outset that argumentative essays are the most popular types of essays that any author or student ever gets to write at any given point in their lives. What makes these essays popular is the fact that they relate to day to day happenings. Some of the issues that most essays will dwell on are what are considered as controversial issues both in ancient and the modern world. Undoubtedly, most of the issues that any student may be required to write about during any stage of their studying are issues that have stood the test of time. Such issues include contentious issues like euthanasia, abortion, contraceptives and religion related issues. More modern issues dwell on such issues like urban versus rural life, and issues like what “He can do She too can do”.

Like any other pieces of academic writing, argumentative essays have must follow set rules/guidelines in addition to containing a given set of features. Although the name “argumentative essays” leaves little to guess work, these essays require more than just personal thoughts. Writers (students, academicians, and all other categories of authors) are expected to provide more than just their side of arguments. Instead, proper citing of books, journals and other relevant materials should be adhered to; otherwise any piece of argument may remain weak and unreliable. Following proper writing/citations guidelines, like MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian ensures that a written masterpiece meets its objectives effectively.

In addition to this, argumentative essays should contain features contained in any other types of essays. A heading, as expected, should be included and placed in its rightful place. An introduction should follow suit after. This section of the paper should have a strong thesis statement plus any background information. Succeeding paragraphs should contain detailed opinions backed by relevant evidence, which may be in form of citations or statistics. The final section of the paper should be a parting short. In this section, a writer may leave readers to decide which side of the argument to take. In other cases, a writer may use the conclusion section to convince readers that the taken side of the argument is the gospel truth.

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The conclusion will give the stand and summarize the ideas given in the argumentative essay. There are many argumentative essay topics to choose from, we do also provide university essay, college essays and research paper


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