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You are required to present a written case study of your own circa 2000 words. Your choice of case should relate to an aspect of your studio practice. Think about this carefully: consider how studying a case, nominated by you, will help you either pose questions about your practice or help to develop answers to questions originating from your practice. The written case study is quite short and should be augmented by practical work related to the case you have nominated (for example, you might wish to explore the same subject matter as in the case study and could show primary research materials, drawings or tests relating to it).

The case study should identify the approach you use (a research method – what kind of case study is it?) to help you arrange information and ideas in an efficient and meaningful way. Use clear language and refer to the powerpoints given in this module to help prepare you for this task. The case you identify and document is meant to be useful to you, so speak to tutors about your choice before making a final decision.

Base your essay on the following structure:
• Introduction including the case in question and the methods used to handle it
• The case itself including a relationship identified to your own practice
• Evaluation of the case and the effectiveness of your method of studying it Remember, this task is about demonstrating your understanding of how to manage a research task and is not about writing a definitive case study about an individual or an event (the word count is too small)– you are being asked to demonstrate that you can identify a good case to study in order to advance your understanding, that you can plan how the case will be reported, that you can interpret the information and apply it (conceptually and practically) to your own development. If you have wanted to try a new material or technique in working this assignment could be the excuse you have been waiting for. Choose an interesting case and apply your theoretical understanding to your practical work.

Lastly, you are required to condense the case study into a poster presentation to show to your peers. The poster should be A2 format. There will be an introduction to Poster Presentations as part of the research methods syllabus.

My practice is about Cyanotype.

Using Cyanotype as a point of penetration to research whether have some probability use the art of the ancient photo prints for the art of the present age. For example, use them for fashion, art ware, building, advertisement and so on.

I will research Cyanotype and practice it mainly. Have other methods of ancient photo prints, like platinotype, palladiotype, chrysotype and argyrotype.

At the present age, more and more new art style, maybe old art style will give us big visual shock. The new art style did not replace the old art style. I want to research the existence value of old art style in modern times.

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