Art Appreciation custom essay

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Please answer the following questions below when writing the paper. Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer quickly. I was thinking of maybe the Early Romantic era.

Composition (or Album) Analytical Research Paper
Due July 1st (Friday): The idiom is student choice, whether Symphonic, Operatic, Choral, Folk, Popular or other.

Papers will include:
A Cover Page
An Introduction
Main Body (Three page minimum)
Biographical Sketch of Artist
History of the Composition
Analytical Description,
References Cited Page.

Timeline in History overview of subject

The Middle Ages
The Renaissance Period
The Early Baroque Period
The Late Baroque Period
The Early Romantics
The Late Romantics
The Twentieth Century: Early Modernism
Alternatives to Modernism
The Late Twentieth Century
Music in America: Jazz and Beyond
Name of artist and/or group
Name of song(s)
Style of Music
History of the artist
Total in group including instrumentation
Why was this/these artist(s) chosen?
Past, present, future influences
What influences in history lead to the artist view of his/her/their music?
How has the group/artists style change or influences history/music?
Describe new or revamped music styles that lead to your subject.
Did technology influence this style? If not, what did?

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