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The following article must be critically analyzed. Scholars Before Researchers: on the Centrality of the Dissertation Literature Review in Research Preparation Boote, David N., and Beile, Penny, Educational Researcher; Vol. 34, No. 6, pp3-15. Article can be retrieved from the following website or can be found in the attachment in pdf format. Content- The article critique needs to include the following criteria (Please make sure that all criteria are covered): Abstract of major ideas of the article (1 paragraph): • Synopsis includes major ideas, questions, issues, or points. • Identifies the authors’ questions or presentation of material. • Identifies the method. • States the major findings, outcomes and conclusions. Critical Analysis of the article (3 paragraphs): • Includes the strengths and areas of needed improvement of the ideas, processes, or products. • Analyzes how this research fits with similar ideas, etc. • Identifies whether or not material is logically consistent. • Distinguishes between substantive or biased unsupported opinion. Implications (2 paragraphs): • Appraises the value of the ideas for the student’s research. • Judges the relevance of the study, paper, etc. for the student’s work or areas of inquiry. • Hypothesizes as to whether thinking people would consider using, or adopting this. • Examines the future influences or importance of these ideas, processes, or products. Thank you,

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