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Choose an articles listed below and perform a critique. The word critique does not necessarily mean emphasizing the weaknesses of an article but, more importantly, emphasizing its strengths.

A good critique should include the following:

1. Article reference(s): authors(s), title of article, Journal title
2. Summary of the paper; written in your own words (do not copy the summary of the article!)
3. Critique of the content (your reaction to the way the article is written, what the article did or did not accomplish). You are to judge the adequacy of the method, approach, and/or arguments. If you were to re-write this article, would you do anything differently?

Here are some guiding questions for writing your critique:
? What is the argument of the article?
? How did the author show it?
? What did the author find?
? What questions were left unanswered?
? The critique should not exceed three double-spaced pages.


1. Yu-Che Chen and Kurt Thurmaier – Interlocal Agreements as Collaborations: An Empirical Investigation of Impetuses, Norms and Success, The American Review of Public Administration

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