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Criteria for the Midterm Article Review
DUE: March 9, 2012
Your midterm assignment consists of a critical analysis of an experimental study. Select the article from the articles posted on Blackboard (in the folder Midterm Articles in the Course Documents section). Questions to guide your review, similar to those that we have answered and discussed previously, are posted on Blackboard (in the Assignments section).
Evaluation criteria:
I. Comprehension (30%) ? Your assignment should display a clear understanding of the parts of a research article in general and of the particular research article that you will be reviewing. Your paper should include a summary of the main points of the article (1-2 paragraphs), as well as detailed explanation of the different components of the article, as reported by the researcher but in your own words, including:
a) Type of research study
b) Background/Rationale for the study
c) Research Questions
d) Context and Participants of the Study
e) Data Collection Procedures
f) Data Analysis
g) Major Findings
h) Implications/Contributions
i) Do NOT reference statistical data

II. Analysis (50%) This is the most important aspect of your paper. Analyze the article from your perspective, specifically scrutinizing the sample selection, methodology, findings, conclusions, strengths, limitations of the study and any other relevant aspects of the article.
Limitations of the study should include not only the ones identified by the researchers, but also others that you discover in your analysis. Consider threats to validity and reliability, and include other considerations from the course readings/class discussions. Most of the analysis will be embedded in the body of your paper, but be sure to summarize your main points in your conclusion.
III. Academic Writing (20%) The paper must be written at a level that is suitable for Masters level work in English. This primarily refers to organization, clarity, and mechanics.
Do not write the paper in first person. Your paper should be no more than 6 pages, and should be in standard APA format. Be sure to include the citation of the article that you are critiquing and any other references that you use in a brief reference page at the end. Any direct quotations that you use must be marked with a page number. Otherwise, you don’t have to cite every time you refer to the article.

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