Article Critique: Violent Video Games Prime Both Aggressive and Positive Cognitions custom essay

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a. Theoretical overview (10 pts; 1- 1 ? pages): In this section you will discuss the specific theory that the research is testing. You need to provide the basic tenets of the theory (i.e., in general what does the theory predict). You need to discuss how the hypotheses are based on the theory. You do NOT need to enumerate each hypothesis that the study puts forth.
b. Methodological overview (5 pts; ? – ? of a page): In this section you will discuss the specific method that study employed to test the theory. Did they use an experiment, survey, or a content analysis? How did they operationalize the key variables from their hypotheses? *HINT* You should discuss the variables from the hypotheses from the previous section.
c. Results/Implications (10 pts; 1- 1 ? pages): In this section you should discuss whether the hypotheses you discussed in the previous section(s) were supported by the research. You need to discuss what are the implications of these findings for how we understand the theory AND the communication phenomenon in general.
2. Attendance (5 pts)/Due Dates
a. You are expected to attend class the lecture that we discuss your article. This expectation is to help meet the second goal of the paper.
b. Hence, 5 points of this paper assignment is based on your attendance and ability to provide insights to class discussion. To receive the full five points you must attend class and provide multiple insights into class discussion about the article. Do not expect points if you come to class but do not contribute to the class discussion about the article.
c. Due dates: You many use any of the research articles listed on the syllabus to complete this assignment. The papers are due the Friday (@ 11:59 pm) before the class period we are discussing the article. This is to ensure that the papers can be returned to you with my comments for your reference in class discussion. These are due on d2l in the drop box.
3. Formatting
a. Your paper should be Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced and have the name in the upper right-hand corner.
b. Your paper should have section headers that coincide with #1.
c. Your paper should be well-written and thoughtful. Please see the writing tips page on d2l for the writing expectations.
d. You can lose up to 5 points for not adhering to the writing and formatting rules.

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