Assessment and Accountability in Education custom essay

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In successfully completing the following sections of your Program Evaluation Plan, you will be better prepared to fulfill your role as an educational leader, advocate, and change agent. Some issues, such as student learning and global competitiveness, are likely to endure as major considerations for educators. Determining your specific role among the many possible perspectives may not be an easy or immediate task, but it is nonetheless important to pursue. By becoming and remaining informed, you are likely to stay engaged in your profession. Finding your passion will remind you of why you chose education as a career, and will allow you to contribute to something that is likely to outlast you. Many educators explain they chose the profession of education “to make a difference.” Being an advocate and change agent allows you to “make a difference” not only in the lives of students with whom you have immediate contact, but with children, their families, and later generations that you may never have the pleasure of meeting. The opportunity to “make a difference” is yours for the taking.

The Program Evaluation Project has run throughout the modules of this course and now culminates in Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education. You have been using feedback to revise and improve each section of the Program Evaluation Project. In Module 6, you are pulling it all together and adding additional sections to create the final assessment. Your final task is to create Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education, tying together the sections of the Program Evaluation Project you began in Modules 1-5, and are completing in Module 6. Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education should reflect all the revisions and improvements you have made to your Program Evaluation Project based on feedback. This assignment will serve as Major Assessment #2 for the PhD in Education program.

Section 6: Assessment and Accountability in Education

A. Educational Issues: Regional, National, and Global
Describe the major educational issues facing local, regional, national, and global stakeholders (cite three sources to support your view). What are the major barriers to change and how should they be addressed? Be specific and provide examples, particularly as they relate to your own efforts.

B. Change Agent and Advocate
Identify an area in which you see yourself as a change agent and advocate for education. Locate and share five resources on a current issue important to you as an educational change agent and advocate. Explain the rationale behind your selection of each resource.

C. Conclusions and Next Steps
Summarize, conclude, and describe next steps. Consider and explain the ethical implications of your project. How does your project answer the question: Why test? Where does your project fit in at local, regional, state, and global levels? Indicate what it will contribute to the larger issues facing education. Briefly describe a plan to use this information to effect beneficial change.

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