Assessment- Case Study Custom Essay

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Write a case study report in the form of a narrative report based on the case study template( additional file attached). (4 pg’s excluding title page and reference page, using Times New Roman , 12 point font size ) Some direct quoting is OK; however, the majority of your paper should be written in your own words (paraphrasing).

The following information must be cited: all paraphrases and direct quotes; original primary and, where appropriate, interpreted primary sources; secondary sources; and page or paragraph

The use of headings and sub-headings are encouraged as this will ensure that you have included all relevant information

References: You are expected to both reference and cite from reliable and valid sources such as textbooks, journal articles, credible websites, etc. Please use APA 6th edition.

NOTE: Do not use information from Wikipedia, from general public websites, or from other sources that are not academically credible. These are considered tertiary sources and are neither reliable nor valid; you will be heavily penalized for using such sources.

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