Assessment Criteria Custom Essay

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Assessment Criteria
Students will be assessed on their ability to analyse the question and put forward reasoned arguments to support any conclusions. See the marking scheme overleaf for details of how the marks will be allocated.

Marking Scheme

For information on how marks are awarded for particular elements of this assignment see below:

Understanding the nature of the topics 10%
A review of appropriate literature on the topics 30%
Analysis and discussion 35%
Conclusions and recommendations 15%
Presentation & referencing 10%

Please note:
1. All work submitted after the submission deadline without an approved valid reason (see below) will be given a mark of zero. (This is not the same as a non-submission, as a late submission counts as an attempt and a mark of zero may allow you to resit the coursework.).
2. Short deferrals (extensions) of up to three calendar weeks can only be given for genuine “force majeure” and medical reasons, not for bad planning of your time. Please note that theft, loss, or failure to keep a back-up file, are not valid reasons. The short deferral must be applied for on or before the submission date. You can apply for a short deferral by submitting an Examination/ Coursework Deferral Application Form. Application Forms along with the supporting evidence should go to the relevant Student Support Office (WMG03). For a longer delay in submission a student may apply for a (long) deferral.

Students MUST keep a copy and/or an electronic file of their assignment.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

NB – These “Learning outcomes” are NOT questions to be answered but a guide as to what is being assessed in relation to the Module Information Document.

1. Assess the basic legal concepts common to managing people at work.
2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of English employment legislation & procedures.
3. Analyse the possible effect on organisations of not implementing the law correctly.
4. Explain and evaluate the role of the HR function in implementing the legal framework in organisations.
5. Evaluate the effectiveness of a range of good practices in legal implementation.

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