Assessment: Prepare a service Agreement custom essay

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Write a submission with background information and an agreement and an implementation plan for the provision of service which Human Resource function will provide for an area of your business;
Write submission with background information an agreement and an implementation plan for the provision of a Human Resource Service to be provided by an independent contractor.

In the submission ,agreement & plan you will need to provide evidence of:

1-HR requirements for the service
2-Consultation with stakeholders
3-Options considered for delivery of the service
4-Agreed service specification
5-Agreed roles &responsibilities
7-Appropriate training support
8-Quality assurance measures
9-ethical service delivery standards are included and are consistent with organisation code of conduct.
Format for Assessment
Essay style to be used. section with heading are may make reference to researched documents of the organisation as long as they are attached to web address provided. Reference to texts, journal, articles and other material will be well regarded ,but ensure you reference this in your document and supply a bibliography at the end .

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