Assignment: International Business Custom Essay

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Please read assigned Week 2 lecture notes and text book (attachment) and answer questions for Human Resource management course in Healthcare management program. Please use indirect or direct quotes from the lecture materials and be sure to answer concisely, not partially.

Question: What do you see as the basic similarities and differences in the HR function between domestic and international businesses? Which do you think is more critical for international HRM: understanding the cultural environment or understanding the political and legal environment?

I will return this work for revision if: ? The writer does not read textbook and lecture notes (indirect or direct quotes needed) ? The work is not FULL requested page and plus ? Does not have a great writing or sentence structuring skills (it happens more often than you may think) ? When the writer does not follow the instruction, answer questions concisely or partially answer questions, and make statements without explanation and footnates. ? Please DO NOT ADD ANY PART OF QUESTIONS OR INSTRUCTION besides numbers, ex) Essay 1, Essay 2.

I look forward to read your work. Thank you!!

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