Attitudinal and Institutional aspects custom essay

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A written report on approaches to the attitudinal and institutional aspects of inclusive educational provision in the school 2000 words this is a report so it can use headings and bullet points. you could be more general in the beginning and then focus on identified area for improvement or of good practice in terms of inclusion. attitudinal aspects of inclusive educaion provision: what is the approach of staff? do staff make all people welcome? are expectations of all students high? is teaching inclusive to all ? are discipline practices fair and just? institutional aspects of inclujsive educational provision: what is the whole school approach? are policies written well reflecting current thinking ? do they get displayed prominently? what are admission procedures ? what is access to staff like? there are many aspects of inclusion you could focus upon. the criteria i am marked against is the literature domain and conceptual. thin about using removing barriers to achievements 21 century schools guidance on duty to promote cohesion, statutory inclusion statament, csie resourses.

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