BakPak – Organisational Leadership Custom Essay

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You are the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the following company. The accountabilities of your new role require you to provide organisational leadership and represent the company in the wider community.


BakPak is a worldwide tourist operation specialising in the backpacker market. The company owns and leases a large number of backpacker hostels and hotels around the world, runs transportation operations in many countries (including buses, planes, and car hire), and has a loosely integrated booking service that combines Internet, telephone and travel agent bookings.
Over the last three years the company has grown and grown under the direction of a charismatic leader. Many of the company operations have been acquired through the purchase of other established backpacker companies, including accommodation venues of various standards. The result is a chaotic mix of business cultures, styles and service standards that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The charismatic leader has decided to take his stock options and retire.
Your brief is to create one identifiable company culture and brand, and to generate a positive work environment.

Analyse in terms of:

1. risk management
2. leadership style
3. employer motivation
4. social and environmental
5. organisational ethics and culture
6. management of conflict
7. resistance to change
8. exercise of power and politics and implication for leadership style
9. the use of terms
10. executive training and succession

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