Barrack Obama’s Speech at Cairo University Custom Essay

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Commencing on page four of the typescript of the Speech at Cairo (A New Beginning), President Barack Obama introduces six ‘issues’ asserting his belief that ‘we must finally confront [them] together’. The we we can understand to mean Islam and ‘The West.

1.Choose the issue which is most important in your personal judgment.
2.Explain why this issue is most meaningful to you.
3.Analyze the assertions he makes about the issue and the evidence he gives to support those assertions.
4.Critique his job. From your point of view, did he make a convincing argument? Were there ways he could have improved what he said? In your judgment do you agree? Disagree? Did he go far enough in his assertions, too far (yes but) or not far enough (yes and)? Were any of his arguments especially convincing or unconvincing.

You’ll need to frame your essay with an introduction which sets the context for the body of the paper itself. Write as if you were writing for someone who was as intelligent as you are, but had little or no knowledge of this speech (in other words, someone like you, before we started looking at it.

I just copied the description that my instructor gave me.
Link for the speech:

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