Before you start this discussion, watch the video about the Gaede sisters; Linx and Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue are an example of the powerful role social communities play in shaping our lives. custom essay

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In your discussion post, share with the class how you think communication in culture has been instrumental in shaping each girl’s worldview. Consider how particular others like their mother were instrumental in guiding their views (learn more about what she is up to in Montana in the audio clip — scary!). What do you think would need to happen by way of communication in order for these girls to ever change their standpoints? Do you see that as even possible at this point? How do you think the larger culture of white nationalism affects their communication? Once you complete the discussion, read the short article to learn where Linx and Lamb are today.

After watching the video about the Gaede sisters, I felt that their social community lacked good communication habits. The Gaede sisters’ mother and grandfather did not resist ethnocentric bias. They felt that their culture had the right to dominate other groups. The grandfather even had many weapons, which could have made him feel more superior about himself and protecting his social community. Mainly I feel that these girls were not able to communicate for themselves, they were speaking for their culture and what they were taught to believe in. In this chapter, I learned that cultures should respect others even when something may appear odd. I do believe that the larger culture of white nationalism played a role in affecting their communication, but not as strong as the mother and grandfather. They were affected by the larger culture of white nationalism because those were the only people in which they had to communicate with.

In order for these girls to change their standpoints I believe they would have to resist ethnocentric bias, respect other cultures, understand, and tolerate. These girls would have to engage in person-centered communication in order for them to change their standpoints. The girls would have to adapt communication to diverse cultures and social communities in order for their standpoints to change. They should attend public school, ask questions to different cultures, listen and observe other social communities, and avoid believing their group is the center of attention. They should also avoid listening to stereotypes. I do believe it is possible for the girls to adapt once they grow older and realize how diverse the world is, they would accept it more. Their mother played a really strong role in why they felt a certain way about other culutres, but once they are on their own, I do believe they will understand how communicating with others can reveal more information than judgment.

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