Behaviour Management Custom Essay

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Management sometimes implies coping with or dealing with situations. In behaviour management terms, the emphasis is on behaviour change. Rather than having a reactive response to a behaviour, the preference is a preventative response.


Discuss the goal of behaviour management and the characteristics, types and incidence of students who have not achieved it.


Required reading: Special Education in Ontario Schools, 5th Edition, Chapter 7 (6th edition, chapter 9)

Supplemental reading: Educational Assistant Vol 2, pg 1407 -1410.
: Children with Exceptionalities in Canadian Classrooms, p 205 – 214

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1. The grade 5 class is attending an hour long fire safety assembly. The student with whom you are working has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is usually able to sit and focus for only 15 minutes. What strategies could you use that would allow him to participate with his peers and have a positive experience?

2. What are some of your speculations as to why boys outnumber girls and the higher incidence rates in the identified grades?


Behaviour management implies behaviour change. An understanding of the student’s current behaviour will help to determine the steps needed to effect a positive change.

In Behaviourally and Emotionally Challenged Lesson 6, the etiology (causes/contributing factors) of behavioural and emotional challenges will be discussed.

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