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I need to answer the following short essay question as part of a job application: Describe a time (context, action, results) when you have worked with others to complete an important task, when there was no formally appointed group leader. (250 words) I have no idea what to good group situation to invent as my answer to this question, all I know is that I have not experienced a team situation that fits this question to date and I can not come up with anything from the top of my head either and have limited time before this is due, and that is why I turn to you. This is just as much about coming up with a suitable team work situation as to actually write the 250 words. I guess the setting could be one of the following two: either from a team work situation from the student association from my university years (some sort of good cause team project, something non profit e.g forming a team to go down town trying to convince people to give blood etc) or something from my professional career as a M&A investment banker in London, although the “no formally appointed group leader” criteria disqualifies many such professional situations. It can literally be anything from either university years to where I am now, having worked four years. This question was part of the on-site interview process for Whartons MBA programme this year under the category “Facilitative Leadership”. This question actually leaked before the application process was finalised and so was the suggested scoring. The scoring sheets asked interviewer to grade the answers on a numerical scale from one to four. Using “facilitative leadership” as an example, a score of one indicates that the applicant “doesn’t actively guide or shape the group or team.” A score of two shows that the applicant “facilitates the input of others,” while a three indicates that the applicant “takes the lead and achieves consensus and agreement.” The highest score, a four, shows that the interviewee, in Wharton jargon, “facilitates the team to build an ‘added value’ output.”

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