Best Practices Summary custom essay

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1. Review the five sources. See Attached. Note Can only use sources/ references given.
2. Given your selected course project topic
Note: There are two Topics Attached for your reference (Two Word docs).
3. Identify ideas and practices that support performance through (Team Clarity and Team Effectiveness (The two Word docs given as samples), for team leaders and members.
4. This needs to be a three-page essay that organizes and summarizes the main ideas and key points from the 5 (Pdf files) selected resources.
5. Relate the information (from the 5 selected resources) to the goals identified in the topic proposals (the two word docs, team clarity and team effectiveness) which both topics need to be intertwined in the essay.
6. Briefly indicate how you understand the themes, main ideas, and key points to relate to practice.

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