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Instructions for the News Article Report assignment: (these are extensive – but read thoroughly) Find a reliable Internet, newspaper, or magazine article covering (Tissue types) tissue types – Groups of cells sharing the same characteristics are called tissues (e.g. epithelial tissue) or some issue from this module that sparked your interest. like Membrane Transport or (Homeostasis is a term that describes the effect of control systems) You may have found the “Health Watch” or “Directions in Science” sections in one of the first 4 chapters of the text interesting and could find a recent article on one of these topics, or you may find a different topic. Since the topic of stem cell research will have been thoroughly covered in this module’s general discussion, choose a different topic for this news article report. A very brief list of appropriate resources would include news magazines such as Time, Newsweek, or U.S News and World Report, or National Geographic, Scientific American, Readers Digest, Science News, Discover, or Harvard Health Letter. The Tuesday edition of the New York Times,has an excellent Science section that will frequently have relevant articles. If using an Internet resource, do not use an encyclopedia-type web site or textbook web site. For example, WebMD would not be an appropriate resource since this is an encyclopedia of medical info. This should be a news article, sort of a “current events” article, something you would come across if reading through a magazine or newspaper. Additionally, the article should be at least a page or two in length. Articles that are only 1 or 2 paragraphs in length are usually too short to provide you with enough material to complete this assignment. Please contact me regarding questions about whether a particular resource or article that you have chosen is appropriate. News Article Reports will be graded on a 10 point scale (see below) and the 5 News Article Reports throughout the semester will count as 20% of your grade. This is a “Multi-Part” assignment, divided in to 3 sections. Part 1: Citation for your article. You must cite the source for the article, including the name of the newspaper, magazine, or website, title of the article, author, pages, date of publication, and URL of website (if applicable). Anyone should be able to easily find the article from the citation you provide. (2 points) Part 2: Summarize your article, in your own words. This summary should be a minimum of one paragraph, a maximum of two paragraphs and should describe the content of the article. Be sure to put the summary in your own words, don’t copy information from the article and don’t simply paraphrase it. If you need a reminder on what constitutes plagiarism, refer to the Plagiarism document in the Course Information area on the Course map. Describe the article as though you are explaining it to a friend. Use technical terms if appropriate, but explain these terms, just like you would explain them to a friend if you expect that they are unfamiliar with the terminology.(4 points) Part 3: Relate the content of the article to the knowledge you’ve acquired in the course so far. You should also include your personal opinion. This section should be a minimum of 1 paragraph, a maximum of 2 paragraphs. Be sure to include the location of the related material in the course (minilecture; text – include page numbers, table numbers, figure numbers, etc.; or part of a discussion). This does not mean you should provide me with a list of locations in the text and module where these topics can be found. Remember, I provided you with these resources, I am well aware of where I can find the information. The point of this part of the assignment is to see if you can take material that you’ve learned in the course and see how it applies to the real world. Explain the article in the context of the information provided in these chapters. Do you understand this article better than you would have before learning the content of this module? Are there any contradictions between the content of your article and the content of this module? This is your opportunity to show me that you have learned the material in this module and can relate that information to a current article and communicate effectively about it. (4 points) The goal of this assignment is to practice the skills learned in this course. You are expected to demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly using the vocabulary and concepts covered in the course. As with any paper completed as a college writing assignment, all grammatical, spelling, sentence structure, and content errors should be corrected by proofreading your paper before submitting it to me. Excessive grammatical and spelling errors will be penalized.

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