Book Chapter review with an academic comment Custom Essay

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Book chapter review with academic comment (1500 words).

Ratzinger, Cardinal Joseph. Chapter 1: “Liturgy and Life” in The Spirit of the Liturgy. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000. (pp. 13-23).

• The first step in the process is a careful reading of the article. You should read the article straight through keeping in mind questions about the subject, purpose and structure of the article. Ask yourself: What is the author’s main point? Write down in one sentence what it is that the author is trying to convey to the reader.
• Next, you should re-read the article taking time to underline and write points in the margin. You need to look for the different sections or stages of thought presented in the article. Underline the main points of argument the author uses and note them in the margin of the article. Subheadings and the author’s use of paragraphs should help you identify when the author is developing his/her argument.
• Next, write down in your own words all the main points of argument the author has used on a separate sheet of paper. This should help you see the way in which the author has structured the argument to arrive at his/her conclusion (main argument). If there is some evidence/example that is crucial to the author’s argument you should also note it down.
• Now, you are ready to write a draft summary of the article. Use all the main points of argument that you have noted down as well as any important evidence that the author has used. Combine this with the author’s conclusion/main argument. Eliminate repetition and less important information. Use as few words as possible to convey the main ideas. Check your summary against the original and make whatever adjustments are necessary for accuracy and completeness.
• When completing your final draft check for style and structure. Your summary should be a stand-alone document, comprehensible to someone who has not read the original article. Your summary should flow logically, sentences should be concise and clear, and grammar, punctuation and spelling should be correct. Also you must keep in mind the word length required. Sticking to the word limit/requirement is one of the skills being assessed in this task.
• You are required to add an academic comment to the summary. Here you are expected to evaluate the argument of the author. You must make a reasoned judgement, that is, give reasons as to why you think what you do about the article. You must avoid just giving your personal opinion about the topic; it is the arguments in the article that you must make a reasoned judgement about. You may use other sources in this section, including what you learned during the unit.
• Your mark will reflect a correct understanding of the article and an informed reflection in your academic comment as well as correct formatting, structure, grammar and spelling.

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