Book Report / Book Review of Langewiesche’s Fly by Wire Custom Essay

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Technical Report Assignment:
A ‘Book Review’ of Langewiesche’s Fly by Wire

1] Set your report in standard memo format (To/From/Date/Subject) directed to me, ‘Books Editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology’.
2] Organize the body of your report in the standard four parts of a technical report: Summary, Background, Facts/Discussion/Observations, Conclusions. Include these headings.
3] In the key third section (Facts/Discussion/Observations) comment carefully on the book’s strengths and weaknesses. You do not have to find both strengths and weaknesses—but in either case (or both) you have to show, with specific, carefully-explained supporting examples, how a particular aspect of the book is strong and successful—or not.
4] Use between 1000 and 1200 words in total—not counting passages quoted from the book. Where supporting quotes are concerned, provide a bracketed page reference following each quote: e.g., (118).
5] With the overall length restriction in mind, concentrate on 3-4 main strengths/weaknesses, no more—so that you can analyze each in sufficient detail.
6] Be sure, at some point or points in your analysis, to examine Langewiesche’s coverage of significant communication aspects of US Airways Flight 1549.
7] Double-space your report and proofread carefully. Submit your work no later than Tuesday, February 21, our last class before the Study Week.

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