Book review, analytical evaluation of Gary Nash custom essay

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In a minimum of 2,000 words (approximately 8 pages), write an analytical evaluation of Gary Nash?s Race and Revolution.

Nash, Gary. (1990) Race and Revolution. Lanham, Maryland: Madison House Publishers. (ISBN: 0-945612-21-4 or ISBN: 978-0-945612-21-6)

The review should address the following topics:
1. The book?s major and minor themes
2. The way the author organizes the information
3. The author?s use of historical materials
4. How the book ties into the context of this course?s assigned readings

When writing the review keep in mind the following questions: What is the author?s purpose in writing the book? (Consult the forward, preface, epilogue, and conclusion as well as the text of the book).
Explain what the book is about and its main thesis. Discuss what kind of evidence the author uses to advance his thesis and provide examples. Are the author?s conclusions presented clearly or implied? Can you detect a view of history being determined by economic forces, geography, individual actions or something else? Does the book have footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography? Does the book make a contribution to your understanding of history? Would the book be useful for anyone else? Why and how? Or why not and how not?

Writing the Review:
1. The title of the review is the book?s title, author, and bibliographic information
2. Introduction of the author (100 words)
3. Summary of the contents (400 words). Not a chapter by chapter description but summary of the substance of the book
4. Body of the review (1,750 words). See the questions above for the kinds of issues you should address.
5. Conclusion (250 words). Concise evaluative statement. Personal comments as to whether you enjoyed the book are unacceptable. It should be clear from the review whether you found the book useful.

WORD document in APA format

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