Book Review: Literature Custom Essay

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1. According to the introduction to the play and the play itself, is the situation and conflict within Aristophanes’ Lysistrata realistic? Explain your answer.
2. Give one (1) example, identified by page number, of humor within Lysistrata.
3. Compare and contrast Lysistrata herself with one or more other female characters in Lysistrata
4. Give one example, identified by page number, of God’s forgiveness of human beings within any of the parts of Genesis we have read.
5. Give one example, identified by page number, of God’s lack of forgiveness toward human beings in any part of Genesis studied in class.
6. Based on your reading of Genesis, do you consider God in the Old Testament to be merciful or merciless toward people? (Explain your answer and include at least one (1) example, by page number, that supports your answer.
7. According to St. Augustine’s Confessions, would Augustine have been worthy of sainthood as a young man? Briefly explain why or why not.
8. To who is St. Augustine¡¯s Confessions addressed, and at what do you think was his main reasons for writing it?
9. Which of the three phrases below best describes St. Augustine’s message, using his own life story and experiences as examples, within Confessions? (Circle the correct answer)
A. It is never too late
B. Wise up or die
C. Trick or treat
D. Bring ¡®em on!
10. To who is the Koran addressed?
11. Give one example of a punishment for non-believers mentioned in the Koran.
12. According to Islamic belief, the Koran was dictated to Muhammad, the founder of Islam, by (circle one): A. The Archangel Jeremiah B. The Angel Gabriel C. The Angel Jacob D. The Virgin Mary E. Muhammad¡¯s wife
13. Which of these does not appear in the New Testament? A. Book of Matthew B. Book of Mark C. Book of Luke D. Book of John E. Book of Jonah
14. According to the New Testament, who explicitly “washed his hands” of Jesus’ fate? (circle one) A. The criminal Barabbas B. Judas Iscariot C. Pontius Pilate D. Both “B” and “C”
15. Name one (1) biblical figure whose story appears in both the Old Testament and the Koran.
16. The story of Joseph appears in which works read in class? (Circle two) A.St. Augustine’s Confessions B. Lysistrata C. The Koran D. The Old Testament
17. Dante wrote the Inferno (circle one): A. when he was in his mid-thirties B. because he had been through hell and wanted to tell others about it C. to personally impress Virgil because they were rival 13th century poets D. because he knew it would make Beatrice fall in love and marry him
18. Before beginning his journey into Hell, Dante meets three wild animals. These are (circle one): A The lion, the tiger, and the bear B. Winnie, Tigger, and Eyyore C. The lion, the leopard, and the she-wolf
19. These animals Dante meets stand for: A. Love, well being, and happiness B. Fraud, violence, and incontinence (or immoderation) C. Mad cow disease, hoof and mouth disease, and rabies
20. In the Second Circle of the Inferno (Canto V) Dante sees a pair of adulterous lovers named: A. Paolo and Francesca B. Romeo and Juliet C. Bill and Monica D. Burt and Ernie

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