Book Review: sherman alexie’s book custom essay

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this is a book review for anthropology class due sunday. No references needed since we were supposed to read the book.

The required book by Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, is the topic of your book report. You will be posting your book report under Assignments on BBVista as an attachment.

Guidelines for Book Report
Length: 5 pages, not including title page, double spaced, font no larger than 12.
Title page:
Include your name, Section (101-xxx), date, and title of book you are reporting
I. Introduction: a clear statement of the central theme and focus of the author.
II. Style: describe the style of the author and how, if at all, his Spokane heritage affects his writing.
III. Body of paper (about two-thirds of the report):
A. Interpret how Alexie presents the experience of growing up Indian and how his experience differs from the other characters, i.e., Rowdy, his sister, his white girlfriend, etc.
B. Discuss the most important themes of the book and relate them (if possible) to other assigned readings and movies.
IV. Discussion and Conclusion:
A. How does Alexie present his perspective on life and how does it change with his experiences?
B. How did the book help you understand, if at all, more deeply something about your own culture?
C. How did the author’s experience reinforce or undermine any of your assumptions about human behavior?

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