Book Reviews Essay: Legal Lynching The Death Penalty and America’s Future Book Review Essay

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BOOK REVIEW ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS (from the syllabus) For tips on how to write a book review, see the following web sites: The first thing you must do is select an appropriate book about the death penalty. There are many first hand accounts of capital punishment (inmate, warden, prosecutor, etc.). Please select a book that you are interested in. After you have finished reading this work, select the three most important ideas presented in the work relative to your position on capital punishment. In a well-written essay, discuss these ideas while providing support for why they are important. Be sure to discuss the values and assumptions underlying your selection. What is the potential impact of these ideas for society’s understanding of capital punishment? If you use other materials to support your ideas, you must use the APA style of citation. You should also make use of the U of L Writing Center to develop your essay. The essay should be written for a general audience, and should be organized in terms of an introduction, which includes the thesis statement, the main body, and a summary and conclusion. All writing, including this essay, must conform to the conventions of the English language, must be typed (15-20 pages) and error free. The essay will be evaluated (in order of importance) on the basis of content, organization, and writing style. THE BOOK I PICKED IS:Jackson, Jesse L. Sr., Jesse L. Jackson Jr., and Bruce Shapiro. Legal Lynching:The Death Penalty and America’s Future. My viewpoint is AGAINST the death penalty

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