Brave New World Book Review Custom Essay

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Brave New World is a book authored by Huxley, Aldous and published in 1998 by Harper Perennial Modern Classics publishers. This is a fiction Novel which is written to depict on how the world will be six hundred years in the future. The main goal of the book is meant to make the society much happier for its inhabitants and to be more effective….

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Both societies address the issue of sexuality but brave new world society is extreme of being promiscuous. It is acceptable one to be in several relations and have sex with any one and women do not get pregnant and if they do they abort. For example, in the novel John narrates on how he was getting furious with his mother for having sex with many men (Huxley, 1998)….

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Finally, both societies are materialistic they work to get money which they spend on buying products and to improve their lives and cycle continues. They both like to throw old things and purchase new ones especially those which are referred to be in fashion. I would recommend the book to be read by someone to visualize the similarities and differences in our world vis-à-vis Brave New World society its quit interesting may be one day out world will resemble theirs….

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